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Speeding Issues within Burnopfield.

Durham County Council are working with Durham Police in order to identify the extent of the problem. Over the last month a number of checks have been carried out and Durham Police will be meeting Durham County Council to discuss their findings and to identify the way forward.

Pavement parking - From Durham County Council Web site

As the Highway Authority for County Durham, we have a responsibility for the maintenance of all adopted pavements within the county. Vehicles parked on pavements can cause serious damage to the pavement and surrounding grassed verges, as well as causing major problems for pedestrians. The damage caused is not only a hazard to pedestrians but can also be very expensive to repair.Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use.Vehicles parked on pavements are:a hazard to pedestrians, causing an obstruction which may force them to step off the pavement into the road a hazard by restricting the width of the pavement, making it difficult for a person with a pushchair, wheelchair or mobility scooter to pass safely a hazard due to the damage they can cause to the pavement.If vehicles are parked on a pavement where there are waiting restrictions (yellow lines) on the adjacent road, then a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued as the vehicle is in contravention of the traffic order. Waiting restrictions normally cover the highway from the centre of the road to the back of the adopted pavement.If there are no waiting restrictions on the highway next to the pavement, then we as the Highway Authority have no power to take action and the matter should be referred to the Police, since pavement parking constitutes obstruction. To contact Durham police, use the 24 hour non-emergency telephone number below or use their online enquiry form by visiting their website using the following link, Durham Constabulary. 

Street parking enforcement and fines

We are responsible for civil parking enforcement in the former districts of Durham City, Chester-le-Street, Derwentside and Easington. Civil parking enforcement will be rolled out to the rest of the county in due course.civil parking enforcementnotices payments Civil parking enforcement (CPE)The Traffic Management Act 2004 has allowed us to take on overall responsibility for enforcing parking restrictions on the streets of Durham City, Chester-le-Street, Derwentside and Easington districts. This means that parking restrictions currently enforced by the police have been de-criminalised and non-payment of penalty charges can be pursued through civil procedures rather than through the magistrates' courts.Parking attendants and traffic wardens have been replaced by civil enforcement officers (CEOs). CEOs can issue lower penalty charges of £50.00 for less serious contraventions of parking restrictions, such as not displaying a pay and display ticket, and higher penalty charges of £70.00 for more serious contraventions such as parking on double yellow lines. Both rates of penalty charges will be reduced by 50 per cent if paid in the 14 day discount period beginning with the date the notice was served. The amount of the penalty charge depends upon the level of contravention.The aims of Civil Parking Enforcement are to:keep traffic moving (including pedestrians and cyclists)improve road safety improve the environment improve the quality and accessibility of public transport meet the needs of disabled people, some of whom will be unable to use public transport, and depend on the use of a carmanage the demands for kerb space.  CPE requires us to produce an annual report detailing our enforcement activities over the previous financial year. You can download the annual reports published to date:

Stop Press - See article on Burnopfield Masonic Hall theft of lead on News Page.

Conservation Area Appraisal (Burnopfield)  - Durham
County Council

See below a link to an Area Appraisal carried out by Durham County Council at the end of 2009. Some interesting photo's and reading.


Village Photos.

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